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View properties with virtual reality glasses!

Market your property with virtual tours from Immoviewer! The 360 ° walking tours from Immoviewer can be personalized with virtual reality goggles. Simply choose your desired tour you’re your Smartphone to call and connect to a set of VR goggles. Now your buyers can visit a property without actually being there.

View an Example Tour with Smartphone an VR Glasses

Virtual Reality is on the rise –
Viktor Pöhler was with us from the start!

Virtual Reality und Viktor Pöhler

« We proudly present our new VR goggles to each of our customers. Thanks to Immoviewer’s innovation we use virtual reality to walk through all of our 360 ° tours with our customers. Not only are the customers thrilled, so are the owners!”

Viktor Pöhler, locals Immobilien

Be part of it!


Virtual Reality in real estate – soon to be a standard?

It is no longer a secret that the analog world has been overtaken by digitization. In a few years both 360 ° views and virtual tours with become the norm around the world.

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